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    Be Curious, Explore and Find

    Science isn’t just a subject - it’s the one subject that covers almost everything in life! 

    Ask how and why and it’s likely there is a scientific answer. 

    Science Week encourages children to be curious and to question, so start early with the bugs in the garden!

    And STEM subjects are the basis for many jobs later in life.

    Rubiks Cube Brainteaser Puzzle 4 x 4


    Lacing and Threding Farm Animals Melissa and Doug

    Lacing and Threading

    Inflatable Paddling Pool Sealife Design

    Toddler Toys

    Activity Chest for Educational and Creative Toys, Games and Activities

    Metal Triangle Musical Instrument

    Metal Triangle


    Jellycat Edward teddy Bear from Birth

    Edward Bear


    Dress Up Maggie Magnetic Toy Melissa and Doug

    Dress Up Maggie


    Frisbee Throwing Disc Red

    Devil DiscFrisbee


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