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Chess Travel Board with Wooden Pieces
Wood Pieces and Folding Wooden Board

  • Store the game pieces securely inside the board when folded in half and clipped shut.
  • Easy to store, easy to travel.
  • Board is 28cms square when open for playing.
  • Metal hinges and clasp.  
  • Two sets of wooden pieces in light and dark wood with felt pads.
  • Slightly rough texture of board helps pieces to stay in place.
  • Box size 29cms x 15cms x 4.5cms.
  • Size of king: 6.5cms tall.
  • Size of pawn 3cms tall.

Helps develop strategic thinking, game playing skills and hand eye coordination.
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Draughts Checkers Jeu de Dames Strategy Game

Traditional Game of Strategy for 2 Players


  • Draughts is a traditional game of strategy played on a chess or draughts board. 
  • Easy to learn - just hop over your opponent to capture their pieces and remove them from the board.
  • Good starter strategy game for children.
  • Suggested playing age 6+ years.  
  • The board in this set is card, opened size is 32.5cms square and folds in half to store.
  • Playing pieces are approx 2cms diameter.
  • Set includes How to Play instructions.  
  • Box size is 33.5cms x 23cms x 4cms.


Helps develop logical thinking and strategy, hand eye coordination and game playing social skills.

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Snakes and Ladders Board Game PLUS Ludo
Traditional Counting Board Game with Dice and Pieces for Age 6+

  • 2 in 1 children's board games by Galt toys.
  • Double sided board with snakes and ladders on one side, ludo onthe other.
  • Fun animal theme in both games. In Snakes and Ladders thejungle animals may help or hinder players, in Ludo become an explorer in theArctic, Africa, tropical rainforest or the sea.
  • For 2 to 4 players, age 3+.
  • Contents: double sided playing board, counters, shaker, dicegame instructions.
  • Size of box 41cms x 22.5cms x 4cms.  


Helps develop number recognition, teach young children to count and social game playing skills.
Dice Pack of 4 Large Wooden Mixed Colours

Lost the dice from your family board games?

  • Brighten up your family fun time!
  • Set of 4 brightly coloured wooden dice with black spots - one each primary colours red, yellow, green and blue.  
  • Rounded corners of the dice make each one easy to hold and roll.
  • Great size for young children to handle and play with.  
  • Size of each dice: 3cms cubed.  
  • Age 3+ years.
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Magnetic Shapes Galt Toy for 3+
Magnetic Shapes Activity with Metal Base and Picture Guide

  • 40 assorted brightly coloured magnetic shapes in tough durable plastic.
  • Shapes all in bright colours.
  • Circle shape 3cms diameter.
  • Metal play base size 26cms x 21cms.
  • Includes picture guide. 
  • Follow the ideas in the guide or make imaginative pictures and designs of your own with the variety of shapes and colours.
  • Size of box: 28cms x 22.5cms x 4cms. 

Helps to develop hand eye coordination, manual dexterity, creativity and imagination.

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Go Fish Cards for Age 3+

Go Fish with Fishy Cards


  • Aim of the game - collect 3 of the same card to win points.
  • Cards are passed between players to make up the 3 card sets.
  • Similar to Happy Families card game.
  • Pack has 36 cards, 3 each of 12 different sea creatures.
  • 2+ players, suitable for age 4+.
  • Colourful and fun design.
  • Cards normal playing card size - 8.5cms x 6cms.

Helps develop colour and shape recognition, hand eye coordination, verbal language and social game playing skills.