Inflatable World Globe Ball

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Inflatable World Globe Ball
  • Inflatable World Globe Ball
  • Inflatable World Globe Ball

Countries of the World 3D Educational Map

  • Colourful blow up world globe makes it easy for children to see the countries in the world on a 3D model rather than a map on a page and is a great visual aid for home, nursery or school.  
  • Colourful political map of the world with the names of countries, continents and oceans marked.  
  • Also shows international boundaries, capital cities, major cities, rivers, lakes and mountain peaks.
  • International time zones are indicated by a clockface as hours before and after the Greenwich meridian. 
  • This globe is up to date in terms of countries' borders and names.  
  • Use this item as a basis to do projects on different countries around the world.  
  • Great travel toy to take on holiday or to go travelling and see where they are in the world!  
  • For age 3+.  
  • Comes cello wrapped.

Helps inspire an interest in the world around us and understand the concept of world time zones