Time Shock Game

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Time Shock Game
  • Time Shock Game
  • Time Shock Game
  • Time Shock Game

Place the Shapes in the Correct Holes for Age 3+

  • Great game that has stood the test of time.
  • Set the timer and as fast as possible place the shapes in the correct holes.  
  • When the time is up the pieces will fly in the air to end the game.  
  • Each player has up to 50 seconds to place as many of the shapes as possible. 
  • This is a clockwork timer, so Time Shock does not need batteries.
  • Contains 1 game unit, 26 mixed shaped pieces approx 1cms long and 8 score pegs 2 of each colour.  
  • Game unit 21cms long x 12.5cms x 5cms.  
  • Size of box 26cms x 14cms x 5.5cms.  


Helps to develop quick thinking, concentration and hand eye coordination.