10 Up Card Game

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10 Up Card Game
  • 10 Up Card Game
  • 10 Up Card Game

Stacking Number Tile Game Age 8+

  • All players play at the same time and stack their tiles in the correct sequence from 1 to 10 on any of the piles.
  • Play is fast and furious. The quickest player to see the numbers, place their tiles and have only 3 tiles left is the winner.
  • Number tiles are distributed evenly among the players. Any player with a number 1 tile places it is the centre of the table.
  • Contents: 60 tiles and rules booklet.  
  • For 2+ players.  
  • Box size : 12cms x 12cms x 4cms.

Helps develop letter and word recognition, vocabulary, mental agility and game playing social skills.