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Ann Sadan 26 Jun 2015
Just bought 'Kids Band Baby Musical Instruments' (24mths +) for a friend's baby and it is BRILLIANT!

All of the instruments are sturdy and withstand the usual banging, throwing, biting etc! The CD is great as well and I have seen videos of my friend's little one dancing away.

I thoroughly recommend this product, not just as a mum but as a music professional. It is a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the joys and wonder of music. Quality!
Martha Samuels 24 Jun 2015
    Bought the Catseye washbag for my mum who has a photo of her in a bathing suit like these. Great pressie!
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    My daughter had great fun with the bead maze. Arrived quickly and was well packed.  Mrs A, Lancs.