24 Sep 2015
Rubik's Cubes Back in Stock
Brainteasers or Puzzles, whatever you call them, they're fun and test your logical thinking! 
Rubik's cubes have been around since the 1970s and are one of the most amazing and enduring games.

Activity Chest's full range of cubes is back in stock from the 2x2 (4 tiles on each side) to the 4x4 revenge (16 tiles on each side) with the 3x3 Cube and 3x3 Keyring in between.  

Cubes make excellent presents for those friends, of all ages, who like a challenge and are especially great for kids from about 8 upwards. 

Start with the small one? Although it's small, apparently it's only slightly easier to solve than the larger ones and uses different techniques.

Rubik Facts .....
  • The world record for completing the 3x3 cube stands at 5.25 seconds.
  • Kids do the puzzle while throwing it up in the air between twists - and do it fast!
  • When Erno Rubik first invented the brainteasing puzzle cube, it took him nearly a month to put it back to its original state – not surprising considering there are 43 quintillion possible positions for the cube to be in. 

22 Aug 2015
ELC Baby and Toddler Toys
Just in, a range of ELC toys for younger children. Well designed with outstanding play value, Early Learning Centre baby and toddler toys help develop children’s fine motor movement, imagination and social skills. Playing tips ensure you get the most out of your baby’s toy.
19 Jun 2015

Music is involving.

Music is fun.

Music is soothing.

Even very young children can be active using shakers, bells, rattles and drums.  Give them a rattle, turn up the beat and they will bang to the rhythm!

Just in at Activity Chest are the 5 piece Kids Band set, triangle for toddlers, shakers, rainsticks and recorders bringing music to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

It may be fun and they’re allowed to make loads of noise, but it alsohelps develop fine motor skills, listening abilities, sense of rhythm, creativity and imagination.

15 May 2015
Luggage Tags and Straps to Make You Smile
Mid May,holidays are coming soon. Glam up your luggage with our novelty luggage tags andsecurity straps.  Use on suitcases, holdallsand carry-on bags to stand out. Give as a novelty gift.

Each has adifferent saying taking a wry look at life which will make you smile.

Colours fromprincess pink, to green, mauve to black and white.  Luggage labels have embroidered text on fabricwith a ribbon tie and full address label. Straps have printed text on quality webbing with adjustable snap-closeclip and 3 bar slider.  
1 May 2015
Adult Colouring Books
Adults colouring books. Sounds daft? Not so. 

The recent movement of adults doing ‘colouring in’ has developed rapidly albeit on more detailed designs than those in children’s colouring books.  The therapeutic value of ‘quiet’ time to calm the mind, to unwind and relax is spreading fast.  And a new wave of adult colouring books has hit the market. 

Just in from Creative Haven are 3 books with more complex page designs. Choose from abstract Dreamscapes and Art Nouveau animals to Mehndi Designs based on traditional henna body art.  More traditional designs of landscapes,seascapes, mountains and rivers, flowers, animals and birds, are available, plus Stabilo quality colouring pencils. There’s a wealth of creativity available for that all important adult quiet time.
29 Oct 2014
Amazing Robot Retro Educational Game
Retro toys have had a major revival in recent years and none more so than a game that is simple, but how it works cannot be explained!

Into that category goes the Amazing Robot. Based on an original that first went into production in the early 1950s the magical amazing robot has got to be one of the most fascinating products ever made.

Simple to play without an adult, and educational too, subjects covered are Nature, Animal Kingdom, Lucky Dip, Inventors, the Seven Seas, Wild West, What's in a Name, Sports and Games. 

How to play? Choose one of the 8 question and answer sheets on the subjects above and place it on the box. Simply place the robot in the tray in the centre of the Question Circle and turn the pointer to the question you want to ask. Then move the Robot to the Answer Circle and watch it magically turn to the correct answer!