A Ghoul’s Guide to Partying at Halloween!

Decorate for a spooky evening 

  • Make spooky signs that look like grave stones for all the rooms in the house and then name the rooms such as ‘Don’t Stay Long …’ for the toilet, ‘Witches Brewing Area’ for the kitchen, ‘Who Dares’ for the dining room. 
  • Replace your ordinary light bulbs for coloured red or green ones to add extra spooky atmosphere. 
  • Hang black crepe paper streamers across doorways to walk through and theatrical spider’s webs round the rooms for a creepy feeling all over! 
  • Make hanging party banners of bones, witches hats, pumpkins and bats – use cardboard and templates.  Kids will have great fun making these. 

And now for the fun, let’s play Ghoulish Games! 

  • Make a monster.  Provide all sorts of craft and creative bits and pieces and the team who comes up with the wackiest monster wins. 
  • Think up the longest list of fangtastic movies starting with Dracula, or monster tunes such as Thriller and Monster Mash! Pin the eyes on the pumpkin, or the wart on the witch. 
  • Hollow out a pumpkin (to make soup!) and use the pumpkin shell for the game Pumpkin Toss – players throw coloured sweets into the pumpkin from a distance and the winner is one who gets the most of their coloured sweets in the pumpkin. 
  • Thrill your guests with Jolly Jokes!  What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman?  FROSTBITE!  What will a vampire never order in a restaurant?  A STEAK!   

Ghost and Ghouls running amok …….
Witches and Wizards stirring up trouble ……
Children on Trick or Treat adventures ……. 
Have a Spooky evening on 
All Hallow's Eve
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