Abacus Counting Frame

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Abacus Counting Frame
  • Abacus Counting Frame
  • Abacus Counting Frame

Abacus to Count, Score, Add and Subtract Numbers

  • Used for adding up and subtracting by moving beads along the rows. 
  • 10 rows of 10 coloured beads (2 colours on each row). 
  • Stands freely on a desk or table. 
  • Made of wood. 
  • Physically moving beads may help children understand basic arithmetic, counting and learning adding and subtraction.  
  • Can also be used as a score board in games. 
  • Abacus size 19.5cms wide x 18cms high x 5cms depth.
  • Size of box 29cms x 21cms x 7cms. 
  • For 3+ years. 

Helps develop counting and number skills, and hand eye coordination.

Click here to find out how to use an abacus for counting.