Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  

Are we there yet? How often do we hear that when travelling? Preparation is key. Jumping in the car and setting off as you did before the family came along will no longer work! Be realistic about what you can cover with children in the party and plan for a slower pace of travel with more frequent stops.

Make ‘getting there’ part of the holiday.  By involving your children in the preparations, they will feel the journey is worthwhile to get to the next stage of the holiday.  If your child hasn’t any other concept of holiday except the destination, it’s no surprise that the journey is of less importance to them. Break down the journey into bits so that the excitement and enjoyment will be extended.

Use stops in the journey be it by car or by plane to break the pace. Get out of the car and throw a ball about or walk around the airport lounge looking at the people and place and discussing what they see and hear. An airport has an amazing number of things going on!

Many parents ensure their children have their own carry bag with a few things they want with them such as a favourite toy, but leave room for a few surprise treats, wrapped up to maintain the surprise. F
or younger children try card games like Go Fish or themed snap cards. Use them at intervals throughout the journey and don’t forget the return journey so hold some back for then. 

Entertainment on the move doesn’t have to be complicated. For babies something small and simple, even a few building blocks to put together and take apart again will entertain and can be reused later in the trip. Toddlers love picture books, pop-up books, and reusable sticker books that are not expensive and can be reused.

Although we live in an age of electronic games which are great for travelling, school age kids can still have fun with old-fashioned favourites such as Dot to Dots, Noughts and Crosses, and simple word games. In cars games that involve everyone like I-Spy, the I-Spot game (decide before you go on a few things to spot such as a green lorry, white building, blue writing) and Hangman where everyone in the party takes turns to say a letter and guess the word. And car registration plates have always provided entertainment making up words and silly sentences with the letters. 

To remember the holiday encourage children to take photographs, pick up postcards, keep tickets and keep a diary with how they felt and the emotions of the day. A scrapbook of the holiday could also be used for show and tell at school.

So for calm holiday travel, do some thinking and preparation before you go, get the kids involved on the way and have games ready to use when needed.  Simple!

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