Black and White for Newborn Babies

Why do we buy black and white toys for newborn babies? 

When babies are born they see in black and white and shades
of grey, and can only focus 8 to 12" so their vision is generally blurred.  Babies learn to focus by looking at faces,
then bright objects and by 8 to 12 weeks they should be able to follow movement
either of people or objects with their eyes. 
By 4 months babies’ eyes ad brain have developed enough to see in full
colour and the world comes alive!

Although the black and white phase lasts a relatively short
time, it is worthwhile letting baby play with suitable toys to enable them to
adjust to the world around them.

Recently a customer in our shop searched out a black and
white toy for a new arrival. In her experience the toys she’d bought for
newborns had been much loved and held a special place in the child’s heart, subsequently
they had been kept and treasured for years.

Take a look at Jellycat’s range of baby toys including Peanut
Penguin, a baby soft toy and the black and white Bashful Puppy Ring Rattle which
is easy to grab and shake. Also try baby books such as the ‘baby sees’ range
from Picthall and Gunzi which have a mix of black and white and big, bold
colours in simple images to help stimulate and develop baby’s brain.

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