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How to Choose a Father's Day Present

How to Choose a Father's Day Present
Finding a present for Father’s Day can be daunting, to be put it off until the very last minute and then go shopping to grab the first thing you see! Not very scientific, but it sometimes works!

Yet the essence of great gift giving is to link something you know about a person to a relevant present. 

The following may help to inspire.

  • What is the family link?  Is this for a father, grandad, or father-in-law?
  • Does he have any specific hobbies or interests?
  • Age does make a difference, you may be able to gift something more unusual to a younger person and a more traditional gift to someone older.
  • Is there a place that is important to him, such as a holiday destination in the UK, or somewhere overseas he lived for a while.
  • For a dad of younger children does he like to do things with his children, taking time to sit down with them to join in with their games, creative activities or learning?
  • Is there a hobby he wished he had started earlier in his life, but never got round to starting or getting involved? Maybe he wished he could sing in a choir or go fishing, learn to juggle or race a car.

How can we help at Activity Chest? Some of our Dad-suitable presents are right here for delivery by the weekend.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Travelling Activities Top Tips

Travelling Activities Top Tips

Hopefully summer holidays and travelling is beginning to be top of mind. Looking forward to the holiday can be tainted by the thought of travelling, but getting there should be part of the fun. So finding something to do on a journey, whether it’s keeping occupied while travelling or taking the tedium out of waiting around, is key.

Nowadays we use our phones for all sorts of amusements and games, but to go back to basics with ‘real’ activities or games, what do we need to consider?

Doesn’t matter if you’re flying or going by car it’s always weight and/or space.

Take things that can be folded or don’t take up much room in luggage, are lightweight, and that are easy to bring out a use quickly and don’t need a load of time to set us.  Also think about flexibility with a mix of games that could involve a lot of people, or to play solo.  And finally not too many bits in the game to lose!

Flat items can be used either as a lap activity in the car or on the plane’s fold down table, such as colouring books, dry wipe boards and activity books.

Try these activities and games …..

  • Water wow activity book – water only so no mess, the pages go back to plain to use again and again.
  • Dominoes – played all round the world, join together and find new friends!
  • Travel games in a tin – What Am I game like Animal, Vegetable and Mineral with loads of suggestions.
  • Magnetic travel games – easy to put in hand luggage and closes to keep the pieces safe, choose chess, sea battle or snakes and ladders.
  • Small box games – fast and furious 10 Up, or quick thinking Fast Flags.
  • Scratch art - flat and easy to do creative activity for wet days and quiet time.
  • Dry wipe board abc and numbers – double sided with plain and an activity, lightweight, use dry wipe pens for colouring and drawing, practising letters and numbers, playing games such as hangman or noughts and crosses
  • Colouring books adult and kids – quiet time for kids, mindfulness for adults!
  • Books – light weight fabric baby books with peek a boo and crinkles, children’s musical and flip flap books.
  • Travel activity – take binoculars, a compass and battery operated headlight to be the adventurer, or use travel snap cards to learn easy first words in 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Inflatables – world globe to see where you’re going to or track where you’ve been, inflatable pool toys like swimming balls, rings and armbands, sword play set, or shark game.
  • Tantrix table top game of linking colours – choose the game set in a bag which has 5 different games with over 30 puzzles games solo or for up to 4 players.
  • Playing cards - snap with various themes for children or adults - and standard cards to play myriad of traditional games like Whist, Pontoon, Solitaire and Patience, or even Canasta.

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Finding Quality Information on Good Toys

Finding Quality Information on Good Toys


We all use search to look for products and services whether it’s Google, Amazon, ebay or any of the other myriad choices. Looking for more specific information and more importantly advice that you trust takes more time to find. For us one of the leading websites that offers sound advice based on professional experience is Fundamentally Children.

Dr Amanda Gummer a leading child psychologist who provides lots of very easy to read and sound advice for parents, but the team have also assessed a vast array of toys to come up with an independent accreditation service, in the Good Toy Guide and the Good App Guide.

‘Working with Fundamentally Children and the Good Toy Guide enables us to show that many of the toys we have on offer are recommended by independent experts,’ says Activity Chest’s Liz Royal.

‘With an enormous selection of toys on the market parents may be overwhelmed by the choice.

‘I would suggest using the Good Toy Guide as an information source to find the type of products that will help at particular ages. Even if you don’t buy the exact product they have in the guide, the information about skill development will make an informed purchase of something similar much easier.’

To see the full list of accredited toys go to

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