Board Game Strategies - Achieving a Goal

Board Game Strategies - Achieving a Goal
Talking to friends recently the conversation turned to playing board games with children, then to playing chess with children.  School chess clubs have built in number over the last few years and are very popular.

Apart from the ‘do you let them win’ question (see ‘Do You Let Them Win’ 22 April 2014) the other topic was ‘do games like chess relate to life’?  Is it really useful to play games as a prelude to growing up and to adult life?

One of my friends suggested chess strategy could be used in day to day activities, by which he meant clear thinking, having a plan and an achievable goal.  Another friend in the group said that his son used his football strategies to play chess.  Not sure how that works as I’m not involved with football, but it did sound like a plan of action to work from.  Better than no plan!

So, strategies and planning can be a part of childhood, part of growing up and part of adult life. But just as there are two players in chess and one wins and one loses, not all plans or strategies are successful!  Adapting a plan is key and may have to be done many times as your opponent changes their game plan.

In our experience with a business there have been many alterations to the original business plan, marketing plans and day to day operational plans.  Activity Chest is now 10 years old and in that time many ideas have got no further than the thinking stage, or ‘The Big Plan’ got changed as soon as an unexpected element turned up when reality kicked in and made a huge difference.  But always there is a plan and you adapt and change many times to integrate new things into the existing plan and change course to get to the end goal - just like that chess game!

So maybe chess strategies and learning to win AND lose are all highly relevant to real life.
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