BrainBox First Pictures Age 4+

(Code: 13506)
BrainBox First Pictures Age 4+
How many things can you spot in 10 seconds?

  • One side of the card has a simple picture (no words) such as a scene in the garden, jungle animals, the corner of a school room, etc and the other side of the card has questions based on the picture. If a player gets a question right they win the card. 
  • The winner is the player with the most cards. Simple!  Example questions on the beach card may be : How many clouds are there? Does the ball have spots or stripes?  As the answers are all found on the card children can play the game on their own too.  
  • Suitable for age 4+ years, 2 or more players.  
  • Size of box: 12cms cubed.  BrainBox contains 55 picture/question cards, 1 rules card, 1 sandtimer, 1 die. 

Helps develop concentration skills, social skills in game playing and turn taking.