Bug Catching Magnetic Game

(Code: 16452)
Bug Catching Magnetic Game
  • Bug Catching Magnetic Game
  • Bug Catching Magnetic Game

Fishing Game with Magnetic Rod an
d 10 Bugs

  • Use the magnetic 'net' to catch the wooden, brightly coloured bugs.
  • Swing the magnetic net over the garden and the magnet will attach to the small metal eyeholes on the bugs.  
  • Top Tip: Extend the play value and use the bug shapes as puzzle pieces to help develop shape recognition and motor movement.
  • Contains 10 coloured wooden bugs in a board, 1 wooden magnetic 'net'. 
  • Size of board 29cms x 21.5cms x 1cm.   
Caution - this game has magnets which can cause harm if swallowed.


Helps develop hand eye cordination, fine motor movement, and shape and colour recognition.