Choosing by Gender - Right or Wrong?

In the spotlight this week is Amazonís decision to remove their gendered search option. Customers now have to use age range, categories and top brands to find products.

Trying to achieve gender neutral toy selection isnít new news, but for the largest online store and marketplace to (quietly) rejig their website is news.

For some time in the toy industry there has been a movement to avoid labelling toys suitable for boys or girls. The theory is that this may help encourage boys to be more nurturing and caring and girls to get into the world of science and engineering.

At Activity Chest we feel our educational toys and games should be played with by both sexes regardless of category. The shop is laid out by age (baby, toddler) and category such as Creative, Games, Science and Outdoor.

BUT, displaying toys by gender whether in store or online, only reflects the way many people buy toys. In the shop we ask our customers how we can help and the two pieces of information they offer first are age and sex of the child. More questions from us refine the items we offer the customer to make a choice.

So, is the customer right to search based on gender and is this gender stereotyping? Or is it just a helpful tool to find the right toy for the right child?

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