Colouring Books for Adults

Colouring Books for Adults
Adults colouring books. Surely colouring is for kids?

The recent
movement of adults doing ‘colouring in’ has developed rapidly as adults find
the simple task they did as a child quite therapeutic. Our days are filled with noise and activity, rushing to meet
a deadline, or competing for the last seat on the bus. We need downtime for
peace and quiet, to find a non-competitive environment, even for solitude.

The therapeutic value of ‘quiet’ time is to calm the
mind.  By concentrating on an activity
that needs some concentration, but isn’t too taxing and that has a result or an
end product, it’s easy to unwind and relax.

‘Quiet time’ for children is a way of slowing down from the
regular day’s activities, to have a period of rest, or to prepare for bed. Quiet
time activities for children include reading as well as listening to stories or
music and of course colouring.

Why shouldn’t adults reap the benefits of less stressful
activities too?

So, a new wave of adult colouring books has hit the market.
More complex, abstract and repetitive patterns are popular such as fantasy
Dreamscapes, or Art Nouveau animals using the characteristic curves of the art
nouveau style and Mehndi designs based on traditional henna body art.  Or stay traditional and go for landscapes,
seascapes, mountains and rivers, flowers, animals and birds.

More and more adults are finding the delight of picking up
colouring pencils and there’s a wealth of creativity available for that all
important adult quiet time.
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