Connect 4 in a Row Game

(Code: 15904)
Connect 4 in a Row Game
  • Connect 4 in a Row Game
  • Connect 4 in a Row Game

4 in a Row

  • Aim of the game - connect a row of 4 same colour discs to win.
  • Choose where to slip your coloured discs into the top of the frame to make a row of your colour discs.
  • Family game for 2 players.
  • Beat your opponent with strategy and logical thinking.
  • Suggested age from 4 years.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Slide the counter holder to the side and turn it upright to play.
  • Contains: plastic base, 20 coloured discs in 2 colours.
  • Tray size 20cms x 15.5cms x 2cms.
  • Disc size 2.25cms diameter.
  • Counter holder height 15.5 cms high.
  • Box size: 32cms x 25cms x 3.5cms.

Helps develop colour recognition, fine motor skills, logical thinking and strategy skills.