Dough Play Set Cupcakes

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Dough Play Set Cupcakes
  • Dough Play Set Cupcakes
  • Dough Play Set Cupcakes

Use Coloured Playdough to Make and Decorate Cup Cakes Age 3+


  • Make pretty dough cupcakes by rolling the dough and pushing it into the cases.
  • Push dough through the syringe into long strings to swirl around the top of the cake.  
  • Roll out more dough to create decorations like fruit, flowers, or butterflies.  
  • Contains 6 coloured doughs, 3 plastic cupcakes cases, 1 dough syringe and 1 plastic knife.  
  • Size of box 25cms x 25cm. 


This is NOT for eating!


Helps develop coordination and motor skills, imaginative play and creativity.