Bounce Game Dinosaurs

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Bounce Game Dinosaurs
  • Bounce Game Dinosaurs
  • Bounce Game Dinosaurs

Bounce Dinosaurs Card Game

  • A rapid recall memory game from the company that brought you the popular BrainBox games.
  • Contains 52 picture cards of dinosaurs in their natural habitat.
  • Each player picks a card and studies the front picture. On the back are a set of questions based on the picture.
  • Players take turns to answer question 1 from their card. Play ‘bounces’ from player to player as they answer their question 1. 
  • Players who answer correctly are still in the game.
  • The winner is the player who answers the most questions correctly and therefore collects the most cards.
  • Contains 52 picture cards (size 13cms x 7.5cms), 2 rules cards.
  • Size of box: 13.5cms x 8cms x 2cms.
  • Age 7+.

Green credentials, ‘Mind Your Planet’: This game is made from board from a minimum of 70% recycled materials, packaging also contains recycled material and both are recyclable.

Helps develop visual perception, quick thinking and game playing social skills.