Finding Quality Information on Good Toys

Finding Quality Information on Good Toys


We all use search to look for products and services whether it’s Google, Amazon, ebay or any of the other myriad choices. Looking for more specific information and more importantly advice that you trust takes more time to find. For us one of the leading websites that offers sound advice based on professional experience is Fundamentally Children.

Dr Amanda Gummer a leading child psychologist who provides lots of very easy to read and sound advice for parents, but the team have also assessed a vast array of toys to come up with an independent accreditation service, in the Good Toy Guide and the Good App Guide.

‘Working with Fundamentally Children and the Good Toy Guide enables us to show that many of the toys we have on offer are recommended by independent experts,’ says Activity Chest’s Liz Royal.

‘With an enormous selection of toys on the market parents may be overwhelmed by the choice.

‘I would suggest using the Good Toy Guide as an information source to find the type of products that will help at particular ages. Even if you don’t buy the exact product they have in the guide, the information about skill development will make an informed purchase of something similar much easier.’

To see the full list of accredited toys go to

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