Fuzzy Felt Traditional Imaginative Play Toy

Fuzzy Felt Traditional Imaginative Play Toy

Why is it that the Ďbestí new toys are high tech?  High tech is often stimulating with lights and sound, but it can be over stimulating leaving children excitable and fractious. So, add traditional toys into the mix of playthings allowing kids to develop their brain as well as hand eye coordination and imagination.

Where would JK Rowling be without imagination!

Imaginative play is key and with the right stimulus kids create the most amazing stories with them playing alongside new made up characters. Totally
 absorbing and fun.

Fuzzy Felt is traditional, developed in post World War II Britain to use scraps of felt, but has survived to this day.  Itís easy to use, lightweight and no mess, takes up little room to play and is great as a travel activity.

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