Glockenspiel Music Instrument Kids

(Code: 14888)
Glockenspiel Music Instrument Kids

Glockenspiel with Metal Bars and 2 Wood Hammers

  • This is a great starter musical instrument for kids.
  • There are 8 metal bars.
  • Glockenspiel is 26cms long (10 inch) long and 10cms at the widest end.
  • includes 2 wood hammers or strikers 20cms long.  
  • The metal bars are damped or padded between the metal bar and the wood frame.  
  • Not suitable for under 3s.
  • From House of Marbles.

Did you know that as this musical instrument has metal bars, it is a glockenspiel rather than a xylophone which would have wooden bars!


Helps develop hand eye coordination and motor skills and encourages an interest in music.