Inventions! Bright Ideas!

all starts with an idea, but whose idea, about what and when?

BrainBox Inventions game lifts the lid on some of
the best – and some of the worst! Which have gone on to become household
objects, and which never quite made it? Play the 10 second memory game and find out! Here’s a few examples from the
Inventions brainbox.     navigate

June sees the launch of the Brainbox Young Games Inventor
Competition 2015.  Now in its 3rd year, the competition is open to under 16s. Why not encourage your own bundle of creative energy, your son or
daughter (grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew), to get those ideas in order, create a new game concept and enter the competition. That’s
exactly what happened to Isla and Fred – two everyday children crowned Young
Games Inventors of 2014. Could that be your child in 2015? Find out more here.
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