Jack Straws Pick Up Sticks Game

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Jack Straws Pick Up Sticks Game
  • Jack Straws Pick Up Sticks Game
  • Jack Straws Pick Up Sticks Game

Classic Family Game 
of Pick Up Sticks for Age 7+

  • Jack Straws is pickup sticks with shaped sticks for any number of players. 
  • Traditional favourite family game for all ages.
  • Drop the pieces on a table in a heap and each player in turn picks up one stick with the hook provided or with their fingers without moving any of the others sticks. 
  • Players have to look carefully at the pieces and how they are piled up to work out which ones will move first.  
  • Skill and steady hands are needed.
  • Over 40 mixed shape pick up pieces approx 8-9cms long including ladders, forks, saws, spanners, rifles and crutches. 
  • Suggested age 7+. 
  • Box size: 18.5cms x 13.5cms x 3cms. 

Warning: functional sharp point.

Helps develop hand eye coordination (for all ages!), concentration, thinking skills and strategy