Magnetic Fractions Tiles

(Code: 12746)
Magnetic Fractions Tiles

Learn Fractions Using Magnetic Rods

  • Encourages children to learn fractions.
  • Show the relationship between levels using a visual reference.
  • The longest 'rod' is 1, the next is broken down into 2 halves, and then right down to 12 magnets of 1/12. 
  • Chunky magnets are easy to handle.
  • Fractions (and decimals) are part of the national numeracy strategy.
  • Using a visual reference using the 9 'rods' helps to make fractions easier to understand.
  • Chunky magnets that are easy to handle for young children.
  • Wipe clean
  • Use at home or at school, on magnetic boards or fridges.  
  • Pack size: 21.5cms x 17.5cms. 
  • Tile size: max 14cms long x 1.5cms wide; smallest 1cms long x 1.5cms wide.
  • Suitable for age 6+.

Also available:Word packs for Reception Year and later years, more Number Packs, language packs French and Spanish.

Warning: Contains small magnets which may cause serious or fatal injury if ingested. Seek medical attention immediately if swallowed or inhaled. Do not use magnets around items that are sensitive to or affected by magnetic fields.