Magnetic Words Years 1 + 2 Pack 2

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Magnetic Words Years 1 + 2 Pack 2

Magnetic Words for Years 1 and 2 Pack 2 by Fridge Magic KS1

By the end of Year 2 all children should recognise a set number of high frequency words as part of the National Literacy Strategy.  Pack 2 has the next 55 high frequency words and when added to Packs 1 and 3 contain the top 159 words.

  • Easy to use magnetic words by Fridge Magic for children in years 1 and 2 in KS1.  
  • The words are written in cursive handwriting style which is easy for children to copy.  
  • Chunky magnets are easy  for young children to handle, can be used at home or at school, on magnetic boards or fridges and can be wiped clean.  
  • Suitable f or ages 5 - 7 years.  
  • Size of pack: 21.5cms x 17.5cms.  


Also available are numbers packs and foreign languages.

Magnetic words make learning fun and encourages word recognition and stimulates reading.

Warning: Contains small magnets which may cause serious or fatal injury if ingested.  Seek medical attention immediately if swallowed or inhaled.  Do not use magnets around items that are sensitive to or affected by magnetic fields.