Making Words Snap Card Game

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Making Words Snap Card Game

Learning Letters and Word Blends for Age 6+


  • Snap word games help develop vocabulary and language skills.  
  • This word game is suitable for age 6+, for 2 or more players.  
  • Players form words using their cards which are divided into 2 or 3 letter 'onsets' (word starts) and 3 letter 'rimes' (word endings), for example 'bl' and 'eat' can be matched to form the word 'bleat'. Onsets are in black and rimes in red.  
  • Self checking cards show onsets, rimes and the complete word.  
  • The pack contains over 50 cards.  
  • Another great educational game from Green Board Games.


Helps develop language and word skills, coordination and game playing.