First Money Snap UK Pounds

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First Money Snap UK Pounds
  • First Money Snap UK Pounds
  • First Money Snap UK Pounds

UK Money Snap and Pairs Games for Age 5+ 

  • Match coin cards and numeral cards.
  • Play two family favourite card games - snap and pairs.  
  • Individual coins such as 5p are shown on a card, there's also the written numeral (5p) and cards with a combination of coins that make up 5p such as 2p, 2p and 1p.  
  • Higher values, for example 90p, have corresponding cards with a mix of coins making up the total to 'snap'.  
  • A very useful learning game for children to recognise the shapes of coins and to use mental maths to add up quickly and accurately. 
  • For 2 or more players, age 5+ years.  
  • The pack contains over 50 cards plus self checking guides to show how cards match up so children can play the game themselves without an adult.  
  • Products made in the UK using paper from responsible FSC sources. 

Helps develop coordination, quick thinking and social game playing skills.