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Top Tips - Are We There Yet?

For calm holiday travel and less stress, do some thinking and preparation before you go and get the kids involved on the way.

  • Choose short games that don’t take long to play and that fit in with short stops or waits between other activities such as themed snap cards.
  • If travelling by car make sure all the items needed to entertain during the trip, or as soon as you get to your destination, are not packed under everything else. A bit like making sure the kettle is easy to use when you move to a new house!
  • Remember to take some zip top plastic bags to put play pieces in and keep them all safe. Some play sets don’t have lids on the display box relying on the plastic wrapper to hold it all together in the box, but opened there’s nowhere to store the bits.
  • Set a time limit on playing games, then move on to something different. It works for both children and adults to stop the boredom.
  • I-Spy can be used anywhere that there’s something to see – or hear!
  • The in car game using car registration plate letters can be used in airports – try using flight numbers or airport tags (eg HRW) to stimulate silly sentences, words or phrases.
  • Draw up a list of likely things you would expect to see at an airport or on a boat and use this for a scavenger-style hunt. Work in pairs or groups so that children don’t get lost in an unfamiliar place.
  • Some games are packed in bulky boxes for display, but take all the essential items out of the box and pack them in a suitcase.
  • Use the games on planes that don’t matter if an item is mislaid while travelling. Those bits that get on the floor can be found later (hopefully!).
  • If something needs batteries, remember to take the charger and spare rechargeable batteries packed in your case.