Reward Star Chart Magnetic

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Reward Star Chart Magnetic
  • Reward Star Chart Magnetic
  • Reward Star Chart Magnetic

Star Chart

  • Use for up to 3 children (or 2 and mum or dad!).
  • Each child has a different set of coloured stars.  
  • Use the 'I will' magnetic tiles (eg brush my teeth, finish my homework, etc) or choose your own activities and write them on the chart with the dry wipe pen. 
  • There's a space for each child to have a target 'When I get ..... stars I will get .......'  
  • Chunky magnets are easy to handle for young children.
  • The chart can be wiped clean. 
  • A great way to encourage children to do day to day jobs!

Contains: Star Chart magnetic board, 80 magnetic stars in each colour, 1 dry wipe pen, 10 'I will' magnets. Size of board: 40cms x 32cms.


Encourage good behaviour in children with a reward system.