Rummikub Twist Number Game

(Code: 16411)
Rummikub Twist Number Game
  • Rummikub Twist Number Game
  • Rummikub Twist Number Game

Make Rummy Runs and Groups of Tiles Age 7+

Good Toy Guide Fundamentally Children

           Accredited by the Good Toy Guide

  • Be the first to use all your tiles to win the game with the highest score.
  • Make runs or groups from your tiles, adding to and changing the tiles laid down. 
  • New jokers - double, mirror and colour change.
  • New stacking tiles.
  • Suitable for age 7+ and 2 to 4 players.  
  • Contains 112 tiles - 8 sets of tiles 1 - 13 in 4 colours and 8 joker cards; 4 racks and 8 rack holders; game instructions.
  • Size of box 35cms x 11cms x 8cms.

Helps develop mental maths agility, game playing skills and hand eye coordination.