Science Week

Science Week
Science Week brings attention to the STEM subjects in schools and how science affects children's futures.

Science teaching in schools starts at an early age with a few hours a week in primary schools. Science lessons should not only educate, but engage and entertain, igniting children’s imaginations and bringing learning to life. Outside school there are plenty of simple and safe science kits to do at home.

This year’s Science week focuses on Change in Colours, States, Environment, and Our World. have activity packs for preschool, primary and secondary students.

Even very young children can join in during sensory play mixing colours to make fluid patterns.Each year the lack of engineers in the UK is highlighted. Engineers need a maths and science background, so take the wrong GCSEs and the next step to qualifying is difficult.  Choices are made early – probably too early as most children won’t know what they want to do in later life.

This morning the BBC reported from Birmingham NEC where The Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair in Birmingham is taking place. This is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for young people in the UK with hands on activities, shows and stands to talk to engineers from leading UK companies.

The Fair also hosts the prestigious Big Bang Competition, inviting young people from across the UK to compete for lots of amazing prizes, including being crowned UK Young Scientist and UK Young Engineer of the Year.

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