Shaperise Game

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Shaperise Game
  • Shaperise Game
  • Shaperise Game


  • A game of visual memory and speed.
  • Winner of the Green Board Games Young Inventor of the Year 2016.
  • Aim of the game is the quickly memorise the pattern on the card and recreate it (correct colours too!)using the blocks.
  • Each player picks a card and has 10 wooden blocks indifferent colours to make up the shape on the card.
  • There are 3 levels of difficulty on each card. The first player to build the pattern correctly is the winner.
  • Contains 60 coloured cards, 40 coloured wooden blocks, 1 rule sheet and a timer.
  • Age 8+.
  • For 1 4 players.
  • Box size: 25.5cms x 25.5cms x 5.5cms.

See how to play Shaperise on this video.