Slow Toys

Slow Toys

There’s a lovely new phrase going round – Slow Toys! If you haven’t heard of Slow Toys yet, the movement is gathering momentum and part of that momentum is this year’s Slow Toy Awards and the ‘Slow Seven’.

There’s no doubt that many toys in the market today are guaranteed to attract kids’ attention because of lights, sound and movement - and this usually means batteries!

On the Slow Toy website,, a summary of the awards highlights the attributes of a good slow toy:
‘These toys have been awarded by the judging panel for encouraging traditional play, boosting creative thinking, inspiring the developments of one’s own imagination. They are not made of plastic, are without batteries and are sold in independent toy shops. They are durable, stand the test of time, without thousands of different functions and, are officially Slow Toys!’

Activity Chest is right at the heart of the Slow Toy movement – very, very few of our toys have batteries and we love wooden toys, especially those with educational qualities that help a child to grow and learn while having fun.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that play aids learning and learning enhances play!

A new category this year was the Slow Craft Toy acknowledging that craft activities have a different position in a child’s play time to traditional toys.  Crafts inspire and allow children to use their own creativity, another key ingredient in the process of growing and developing.

At Activity Chest ‘Slow Toys’ describes what we do.  We have a great range of educational and creative activities for all ages from birth from well known quality brands such as Melissa and Doug, Bigjigs Toys, Galt, BrainBox Green Board Games and ZooBooKoo.

Come along and take a look!

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