Solitaire Game Glass Marbles

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Solitaire Game Glass Marbles
  • Solitaire Game Glass Marbles
  • Solitaire Game Glass Marbles

Classic Solitaire Game 

  • The object of the game is to remove all but one of the 33 marbles off the board.  
  • Players leap one ball over another and then take the 'captured' ball off the board and the last marble should be right in the centre of the board.  Not so easy!  
  • This set contains 22cms diameter (9 inch) high quality dark wood board, 33 glass marbles and full playing instructions.
  • By House of Marbles, well known for their quality wooden games and toys.  
  • Suitable for age 7+. 
  • Colours of marbles may vary from those illustrated.  


Helps develop hand eye coordination, motor skills and strategic thinking.