Sort and Snap Colour Match

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Sort and Snap Colour Match
  • Sort and Snap Colour Match
  • Sort and Snap Colour Match
  • Sort and Snap Colour Match

Make Pictures with the Coloured Snap-on Caps for Age 2+ 


  • Sort and Snap Colour Match is made up of 10 reversible picture panels with colour on one side and black and white on the other and 64 plastic snap-on coloured caps.  
  • Match the coloured caps to the picture on the coloured side, or create new designs on the black and white side.
  • Early learning game by Melissa and Doug.
  • Snap caps fit side by side on the picture. but can also be built up to create 3D pictures. 
  • Use snaps for other pattern activities and simple number adding and subtracting.
  • Pictures are tortoise, butterfly, parrot, fish, frog, dinosaur, bird, flowers, cockerel and caterpillar.
  • Includes 64 plastic coloured snap-on octagonal caps 3.5cms across and 10 double sided picture panels that slot into the wooden play board (37.5cms x 27.5cms) to hold them firm.    
  • Box size 40cms x 29cms x 5.5cms.


Helps with colour and pattern recognition, sorting, hand eye coordination, visual perception and imaginative play.