Square Up Matching Game

(Code: 13126)
Square Up Matching Game
  • Square Up Matching Game
  • Square Up Matching Game

Match the Pattern in the Cube as Fast as you can! 

  • Square Up is a sliding block game matching the pattern in the cube sorter.
  • It's all about forward thinking, moving one or more tiles to be able to get another tile in the right place. 
  • Strategic game for 2 players.
  • Square Up can also be played as a solitaire game, or by one player alone.
  • A third option is for two players each playing with their own board and cube and competing on time. 
  • Good travel game as the game bases click shut and hold the tiles in place.
  • Contains 2 game bases each with 24 coloured square plastic tiles, 2 cube sorters. 
  • Suitable for 6 years up.
  • Size of box: 28cms x 21.5cms x 4.5cms.

Helps with strategic thinking, spatialawareness and fine motor skills.