Stabilo Cappi Fibre Tip Pens

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Stabilo Cappi Fibre Tip Pens
  • Stabilo Cappi Fibre Tip Pens
  • Stabilo Cappi Fibre Tip Pens

Never Lose a Pen Cap Again!

  • 12 fibre tip pens plus the plastic cap ring. 
  • Vivid mixed colours from black to red and yellow to blue.
  • Link all the pens together by the caps.
  • By securing the caps and preventing the fibre tip pens from drying out, the pens last longer and so are better overall value.
  • Pens won't dry out for 24 hours if the cap's left off. 
  • Washable ink.
  • Innovative shape stops the pen rolling away - unusual tube shape flatter at one end - and can be more easily picked up.
  • Suitable for school children age 6+ enthusiastically drawing and forgetting to put the pen caps back on!  
  • Ergonomic grip zone gives more comfort and is easier to use.


New stock direct from Stabilo, Germany