Syllables Snap and Pairs Games

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Syllables Snap and Pairs Games
Talk to Yourself to Play the Game!

  • The game is all about the rhythm of each word: say it to yourself, count the syllables and then match words that have the same number of syllables - not so easy when you're trying to think quickly.
  • Contains mainly 2, 3 and 4 syllable words, but there are some 1 and 5 syllables words too.  
  • Syllables are an important literacy concept.
  • Great for 2 or more children playing together.
  • Suitable for age 7+ years. 
  • Over 50 full colour playing cards plus self checking guides to show how cards match up so children can therefore play the game themselves without an adult.  
  • Another great educational game from Brainbox.  
  • Products made in the UK from responsible FSC sources.

Helps develop word recognition, quick thinking and social game playing skills.