Tantrix Quest Puzzle Game

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Tantrix Quest Puzzle Game
  • Tantrix Quest Puzzle Game
  • Tantrix Quest Puzzle Game
  • Tantrix Quest Puzzle Game

40 Strategy Colour Linking Game Puzzles

How to play Tantrix:
  • 40 strategy puzzle games.
  • Tantrix comprises hexagonal tiles with 3 colour bands on each. 
  • Place the tiles so that loops of colour develop. Some are easier than others. 
  • Only 3 golden rules, easy to understand, simple to play.

4 ways to play Tantrix Quest:
  • Discovery, Challenge, Solitaire and Quest - from easy to the experts unsolved puzzle!
  • Start at the entry level of Tantrix Discovery and build your skill and knowledge to move through each level.
  • Tantrix Challenge uses cards to start off the play. 
  • In Solitaire and Quest you’re on your own!

  • For 1 player.
  • Suitable for age 6+.
  • Game time approx 20 seconds to 25 minutes.
  • Contains: 14 hexagonal tiles, travel storage bag, 12 puzzle cards, rules.
  • Pack size: 6cms x 7cms x 11.5cms. 
  • Tile size: 4.5cms.

Helps develop strategic thinking, game playing social skills and hand eye coordination.