What Am I Game Age 8+

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What Am I Game Age 8+
  • What Am I Game Age 8+
  • What Am I Game Age 8+

hat Am I 20 Questions Guessing Game

  • Ask up to 20 questions to guess what each player is.
  • Never run out of ideas of 'what to be' with these cards.
  • Each card has an Animal, Vegetable and Mineral suggestion from Tarantula to Macaroni to Sequins! Try guessing those!
  • Questions can only be answered with a Yes or No, so think of great questions to get the information you need.
  • Great family classic in a travel tin.
  • Size of tin 19cms x 11cms x 5cms.  Cards 9cms x 6.5cms.
  • From Lagoon. 

Playing games helps to develop concentration, logical thinking and memory.