Word Bits Family Card Game

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Word Bits Family Card Game
  • Word Bits Family Card Game
  • Word Bits Family Card Game

Turn Letters into Words FAST for Children Age 8+

  • Quick thinking and a good word knowledge helps you win.
  • Cards are sorted into categories such as animals or sport.  
  • Pull out a category card, throw the dice and the first player to find a word in the specified category using all the letters showing on the dice keeps the card and is the winner of the round.  
  • The player with the most cards wins the game.  
  • Can be played as a solitaire game. 
  • Designed by renowned game designer Reiner Knizia.  
  • Contents: 4 letter dice, 81 cards and rules booklet.  
  • For 1+ players.  
  • Box size : 12cms x 12cms x 4cms.

Helps develop letter and word recognition, vocabulary, mental agility and game playing social skills.