World Book Day Annual Costume Fest

When did World Book Day become the annual costume fest for kids and headache for mums!

Each year mums try to find a brilliant costume to fit their child’s favourite book and be the best in class and it’s never easy to find the time or money to fulfil the most demanding child’s wishes.
Encouraging children to think about books and authors and reading is all good, but how did the dressing up side become such a major part of the day? Has the essence of World Book Day been lost?

Started in 1997 World Book Day was designated by UNESCO as the worldwide celebration of reading in more than 100 countries round the world supporting authors, illustrators, books and reading.
2015 is the 18th year of World Book Day and millions of £1 book vouchers will be given out in the UK to children to encourage book buying and reading.

So, here are some tips to help with the costume problem.

First pre-empt your little one’s demands by finding things you already have in the house and dressing up box and then find a book that matches!  Suggest the book and costume very persuasively and see what happens.

Rather than trying to find a specific character costume try to be generic - dress like a cat, dog, or any animal then books such as Cat in the Hat, Wind in the Willows, etc will be fine. Or a striped jumper can be Dennis the Menace, Where’s Wally or Horrid Henry.

It doesn’t have to complicated!

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